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phox in melbourne

“BruPhox is a Melbourne-based clothing range which it was created in 2011 by two young savvy designers, Bru and Phox who had been close friends for years.

Both designers’ passions are to collect variety of T-shirts, jeans and other denim goods for many years. Bru found it was quite tricky to find right clothing to match his body type and Phox always are on lookout for tees with quirky graphics.

To meet their needs, they decided to create their own unisex collection that would be unique and innovative. BruPhox style is the mix of vintage and modern style with high quality graphic yet affordable.

BruPhox products are locally made in Australia – some products were handmade. We assure you that your purchase will contribute to support toward local craftspeople and our local economy.

Bru and Phox hope you would enjoy our products as much as we do! “

Camera: Canon EOS 650D
Props: Tripod and Cam Caddie Scorpion EX Pro
Programs: Premiere Pro CS5, Illustrator CS5 and After Effects CS5
Music: Scarlette Baccini and Jonathan Dreyfus
Filmed, Edited and Motion Graphics: Sarah Maree Gillespie
Locations: Melbourne, Victoria



I created a personal project called “Patchwork”.
Filmed and edited: Sarah Maree Gillespie
Camera: Canon EOS 650D | EFS 18-55mm Macro 0.25m/0.8ft
Programs: Premiere Pro CS5, Illlustrator CS5 and After Effects CS5
Music: Podington Bear – “Black Eyed Susan”

“I think this is beautiful. so serene, like making the quilt. stitching threads of life into a quilt to capture the love.” – Pam Telfer

Emily Harrison in Victoria – Highlight

Camera: Canon EOS 650D and GoPro Hero2
Props: Tripod, suction cup mount, Cam Caddie Scorpion EX Pro
Program: Premiere Pro CS5 and Photoshop CS5
Music: Light, Livid by Plurabelle
Locations: Mt Macedon, The Great Ocean Road, Torquay, Lorne, 12 Apostles, Gisborne and Melbourne.

Andrew and Melissa’s Wedding

On 16th February 2013, I attended my cousin’s, wedding at Safety Beach, Victoria: Australia.

The wedding ceremony was on the beach. The setting was stunning with the water as a back drop. The reception also had a beach theme as Safety Beach was where the couple first met.

I filmed and edited the events of the day, from the bride, bridal party and family getting ready the ceremony, reception and wedding speeches.

It took approximately 4 months (only working on the editing on weekends) to complete the video.

Camera: Canon EOS 650D | EFS 18-55mm Macro 0.25m/0.8ft
Program: Premiere Pro CS5
Music: James Pants – Cha Cha (demo)
Location: Safety Beach, Victoria; Australia

“Sarah Maree did my sisters wedding video and she did an absolutely amazing job! She captured every precious second of the day beautifully. Not only did she film the event but she also edited it. When the family got together to watch the final product the emotion of the day came flooding back as it bought back so many fabulous memories.

I would highly recommend Sarah Maree for any job as she is very talented at what she does and was a pleasure to work with.

Thank you Sarah Maree for making our memories of a very special day last forever.”
Amy Fielding
Main of Honor
Andrew and Melissa’s Wedding

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“Headphone is on” sign

I designed this “deaf friendly” sign at work while use my “neck loop” or “music link” (special headphone) for video editing.

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“Music Link”: